Terms and Conditions

Edphy International and Camps et Clubs de jour E.I. Inc.

Only those 18 years of age or older are eligible to use the online payment service. In order to be used by those under 18 years of age, supervision by a parent or legal guardian is required. Users should be aware of the following terms and conditions in order to know their rights and responsibilities.

User Account

As a user of the online payment service, it is necessary to create an account. It is the responsibility of the user to keep all the information about his/her account private. He/she is fully responsible for the confidentiality and security of their account and all transactions made.

To proceed to the payment of an inscription, the user must enter his/her email address and password to authenticate the account and, thus, to proceed with any transactions.

The user must agree to provide accurate and complete information when registering for the online payment service. H/she agrees that Edphy International and / or Camps and Clubs de jour E.I will withhold and use any information the user has provided for the purposes of maintaining the account and for billing purposes.

Payment policy:

Summer camp:

At the time of registration, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required. It is also possible to pay the total amount. This amount is payable by cash, by check (made out to EDPHY INTERNATIONAL) or by credit card.

Day camps:

At the time of registration, a deposit of $50 per week and per child is required. It is also possible to pay the total amount. This amount is payable in cash, by check (payable to CAMPS ET CLUBS DE JOUR E.I.) or by credit card.


At the time of contract signing by the groups representative, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required. This amount is payable by cash, by check (made out to EDPHY INTERNATIONAL) or by credit card.

All additional amounts must be paid by May 1st - or at the groups time of arrival on site:

The client is responsible for timely payments of all fees and must provide a valid method of payment. A fee of $25 will be charged to the account for any cheques made with non-sufficient funds.

Promotional Codes

Edphy International and / or Camps et Clubs de jour E.I. reserves the right to validate promotional codes (employee numbers related to corporate benefits for example). These additional conditions will validate the transaction.

Refund Policy

Summer camp and Day camps:

For any cancellation request, a written notice must be sent to customer service ([email protected]) and a fee of $50/week/child will be applied, unless a medical note is presented or if the participant is from outside of Canada, and was not able to obtain their visa.

Note. Membership fees related to the Privilege member program and file-opening/administration fees are non-reimbursable.


The person responsible for the group can, by written notice only, terminate the contract before it comes into force as follows:

Registration modification Policy

Summer camp and day camps:

Any request for modification made before May 1st will be processed free of charge. After this date, a $25 administration fee will be charged each time the file is reopened.


Any modification request made at least one week before the start of the stay will be treated free of charge. However, if the modification implies a reduction of the number of participants by more than 10% compared to the number provided for in the agreement, Edphy International reserves the right to receive from the group 90% of the total cost of the stay and services.

Special requests or group change Policy (Applicable to our Summer camp and day camps only)

At any time before the beginning of the stay, it is possible to ask for your child to be paired with a friend. To be accepted and completed, it is mandatory that both participants be of the same age, gender and enrolled in the same program. We cannot guarantee that a change of group will be accepted if the request is placed once the activities have begun.

Formation of groups policy - Applicable to our Summer camp and day camps only

The groups are formed taking into account the age of the children and the ratios suggested by the Quebec Association of Camps. However, the management team reserves the right to pair age groups if there are insufficient enrolments in any certain program.

Cancellation Policy by the camp (Applicable to our Summer camp and day camps only)

The company has the right to cancel any program or specialize options if the minimum number required of participants is not reached or either if she feels that she isn’t able to reach a quality service conform to her high-end standards. The funds that has already been disbursed for this program will be refund. Activities cancelled due to bad weather are not refundable.

Behavioural Policy (Applicable to our Summer camp and day camps only)

The management team reserves the right to remove a child from the group and camp for such length of time as deemed necessary, if the child disrupts the activities or if his behaviour adversely affects his safety or that of others. In the case of a major behavioural deviation (intimidation, drug or alcohol use, violence, etc.) or the accumulation of several deviations (see degrees of interventions), the parents will be contacted and will have to come pick up their child as soon as possible. No refunds will be granted.

Late Fee Policy - Applicable to day camps only

An amount of $45 per child will be required for any child arriving before 8:30 am or leaving after 4:30 pm if he/she is not enrolled in the day care service.

Additional fees of $1 per minute (between 6:00 pm and 6:15 pm) and $3 per minute (after 6:15 pm) will be required, and payable on the same day, for any delay in closing the day care service after 6 pm. These fees are applicable from the first minute, without exception.